Everyone is Afraid of the Euro. Only Pirates and STAN are Supporting its Adoption

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Czechs are sceptical on the issue of adopting the euro, meaning it is certainly not the main topic of this year’s elections.

The latest survey by the Centre for Public Opinion Research of the Academy of Sciences showed that the introduction of the euro as currency instead of the crown is supported by less than a quarter (24%) of Czech citizens, with 69% opposing it.

Most Czech political parties share the people’s scepticism about the Czech Republic’s entry into the eurozone- with only the coalition of Pirates and Mayors in favour of the adoption of the common European currency.

Other Czech parties would rather consider withdrawing from the European Union altogether than taking on the euro.

So, what are the opinions of the euro in the election programs of parties, movements, and coalitions?

The government movement (ANO) do not want to adopt the euro currency at the expense of the Czech koruna, although they will support the Czech Republic’s stay in the EU.

“We will not adopt the euro,” states their program. “As a sovereign country, the Czech Republic cannot give up our crown. On the moment of the adoption of the euro, we would lose, among other things, an important pro-export instrument, which is important for keeping the unemployment rate low and the competitiveness of our companies.”

The communist party KSČM also has an equally negative attitude towards the euro, according to which a possible adoption could be decided only in a referendum.

Through a referendum, the party would like to decide on a complete withdrawal of the Czech Republic from the EU.

The closest to the Communist program on this issue is the SPD, who say a decision without a referendum is unacceptable.

“We consider our currency to be a basic economic tool for maintaining our economic sovereignty,” said the SPD.

The Czech Social Democratic Party (CSSD) said they would only support the adoption of the euro at a time when it will mean a strengthening of their purchasing power for citizens and when the currency will be stable.

This is mainly related to the need to strengthen the exchange rate of the koruna against the euro.

Also, The Tricolour Citizens’ Movement has a negative attitude towards the adoption of the euro.

The Pirates and STAN are an exception to the scepticism.

It is already clear that if a coalition of Pirates and Mayors achieve significant electoral success, they will support the adoption of the euro.

They plan to ensure that the Czech Republic’s entry into the European Exchange Rate Mechanism which stabilizes the koruna against the euro. According to them, the final decision on its adoption would be possible after 2025.

However, with weaknesses clear in the euro currency, the Czech National Bank and the Ministry of Finance have recommended the government not to set a target date for joining.


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