English Anti-Hooligan Experts Dispatched to Prague

Lidia T.

Prague police are preparing a security measurement due to the football match on Friday between the Czech Republic and England. The aim will be to ensure the smooth running of this event.

The measure will involve hundreds of police officers from the riot, criminal, transport and foreign service, anti-conflict team, special and regional riot units and last but not least, police officers with dogs and horses. As part of the measures, the police will supervise not only public order but also road safety and fluidity. The Eden Arena stadium will be open to fans at 18.45, and the match will start two hours later.

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Czech Police officers will also be assisted by dozens of City Police officers, as part of their supervision of road traffic and public order. When preparing security measurements, Prague police will closely cooperate not only with the organizers but also with other entities affected by the measure.

Police officers will be reinforced by 11 colleagues from England who have personal knowledge of their football supporters and will mainly give them information.

The majority of English supporters are expected to stay in Prague for the whole weekend, so the service will be reinforced mainly in the centre, where police will deal with possible excesses.

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