Employment Rate For Non-EU Migrants Highest in Czech Republic

The Czech Republic, Romania, Portugal and Poland recorded the highest employment rate among migrants born outside the European Union last year, according to data published by the European Statistics Office (Eurostat).

The highest rate of employment last year occurred in the Czech Republic (79.4 percent), Romania (76.3 percent), Portugal (74.5 percent) and Poland (73 percent).

The United Kingdom had the highest employment rate among migrants born in different EU Member States in 2017 (83.6 percent), followed by Portugal (82.7 percent), Sweden (80.7 percent) and Estonia (80.2 percent).

Worst countries for non-EU migrants

The employment rate for non-EU migrants was at its lowest in Belgium. Only 52% of residents born outside the EU were in employment, compared to 71% for native-born people.

Greece followed with an employment rate of 54% for non-EU migrants. However, the Hellenic country also registered the 28-country bloc’s lowest employment rate for EU migrants (56.1%) and for the native-born population (58.1%).

France completed the bottom trio, with just 55.6% of its non-EU population in employment, compared to 72.6% for its native-born population.

Non-EU migrants in the EU:

According to the latest EU census, in 2011 51 million people lived in an EU member state they had not been born in, representing around 10% of the bloc’s population.

More than a third — 18.8 million people — of those were born in another EU member state, while a further 7.4 million (14.6%) were born in other European countries outside the EU.

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