EasyJet to Refund Holidays Booked Until Last Week of March

EasyJet has begun canceling holidays up until the last week in March amid the tightening of lockdowns around the world and international travel restrictions, the firm has said.

The operator said on Friday that it was in the process of contacting customers who have holidays booked up to and including March 24 to let them know they will not be able to travel.

It said this was due to ongoing restrictions as well as the ever-changing rules on international travel.

Many of EasyJet’s short-haul European destinations have travel restrictions in place on passengers from the UK, including France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, and the Czech Republic.

EasyJet said customers could choose to change their holiday online, or opt to receive a credit to their online account that would be valid for the next 12 months.

Customers can also opt for a full refund, which is usually processed in about 12 days, the company said.

Those booked from March 25 and beyond can change or defer their holiday online up to 28 days before they are due to travel without incurring any fees.

Matt Callaghan, EasyJet holidays customer director, said: “We know this news will be disappointing. But we want to give our customers as much flexibility and choice as possible so they can decide what is best for them.”

He added: “We know there is light at the end of the tunnel with the vaccine. We can’t wait to take people on well-deserved holidays just as soon as it’s possible for us to do so.”

The company had already cancelled breaks up to the end of February following lockdown announcements made on January 4.

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