Dyzajn Market Summer: 150 Local Crafters in One Place

Dyzajn market Summer will take place on June 27 and 28 in Holešovice.

The event is organized by Terezie Tunková and Olga Velíšková, who are trying to use this as an opportunity to spread awareness of Czech brands and crafters among the wider public.

Clothing designers, small producers of natural cosmetics, fashion accessories, products such as ceramics, backpacks, handbags, toys, candles, and paper products, as well as flowers grown in the Czech Republic or pet accessories, will be presented here.

The event will prove that you can buy quality and buy locally.

Dyzajn market it’s also a place for creative people who come here for inspiration, enjoy delicious food, select coffee, and delicacies of all kinds. Along with 150 designers, 20 culinary artists will also participate in the event, most of them representing small local confectioneries, restaurants, food trucks, or Czech coffee roasters. 

Photo: Dyzajn market

Local creators from abroad

The borders have finally opened and therefore we can look forward to welcoming several crafters from Slovakia and Hungary.

From Hungary, the makers of the brands Tinta, MOHA design, and Industrial Lamp Budapest will be there in person. From Slovakia, you can meet the guys from Loris, Peelo, Imani, or Lebo Mädveď. From Germany, the author of original urban posters Buchstabenorte.

Also, the affiliate store Dyzajnoff will present new items from foreign creators – Slovakian brands Mellow and Adell. „Our vision, and actually our mission as well, is to support local producers, and we want to introduce them to as wide an audience as possible. These don’t necessarily have to be Czech brands, but we always closely examine the origin of materials used and the production location,“ says Olga Velíšková, the organizer of Dyzajn market.

Photo: Dyzajn market

Come savor the treats

Dyzajn market will also have stalls with select foods and drinks. You can enjoy coffee from Kávový klub and Dyzajn kafe with the select coffee Respekt, the best pastries from the U Andělky z Počátek confectioner‘s, or the vegan Mujfalafel.

For the first time, you will get a chance to taste cream cheese mini doughnuts from Gule Food Truck and the vegan ice cream from Puro Gelato. „During this spring‘s Dyzajn market, which took place during the state of emergency, we saw that the event could have a fun atmosphere even if people couldn‘t consume directly at the location. Part of the reason is definitely that we are right next to the Stromovka park and other green spaces in our immediate surroundings,” Velíšková adds.

Details about events and the list of participants can be found on Instagram, website or the Facebook event page.


Photo: Dyzajn market
Photo: Dyzajn market
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