August 1-2: Dyzajn Market Holiday

The Dyzajn Market Holiday edition will take place on August 1 and 2 at the Exhibition Grounds in Prague’s Holešovice, in front of the Industrial Palace.

More than 130 designers will present women and men fashion, children´s clothing, various handbags, original headwear, jewelry, and accessories. You can look forward to original ideas and quality workmanship.

In addition to Czech designers, Dyzajn Market will also welcome 16 foreign artists, from Slovakia, Hungary, Germany, and Austria.

For the first time since the coronavirus pandemic, there will also be a corner for children. Admission is free, pets are welcome.

This two-day-event offers an interesting cultural program as well. There are music performances, author readings, and fashion shows.

Dyzajn Market Holiday will also include a food zone with delicacies, heavenly sweet cakes as well as healthy snacks and modern street food, drinks and specialty coffee.

Production and materials

“We aim to examine the work of our participants in detail as much as possible. We ask them about the origin of materials and the location of production,” explains Olga Velíšková, the organizer of the event.

“We prefer locally made products to those that carry various certificates, but whose origin is from the other part of the world. We know there are Czech productions that can satisfy the demand of designers, and this is why we try to support these creators who give work to local companies. With this strict selection of participants, we are trying to act responsibly toward our economy,” adds Velíšková.

More information on Instagram, website and Facebook event.

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