Dvůr Králové Zoo: Safari In The Czech Republic!

You can visit Africa without ever leaving the Czech Republic. Dvůr Králové Zoo gives you the safari experience, allowing you to sleep right outside the animals’ conservation.

The zoo and accommodation is located right outside of Dvůr Králové nad Labem, about 150 km northeast of Prague. Dvůr Králové Zoo offers a range of accommodations, such as African-style tents, bungalows, and even in tree top tents. The area also offers a hotel and parking places for caravans.

The zoo and camping area is intended to give you the feel of living on the safari. “From your bungalow, tent or caravan, you can also observe wild African animals and stay throughout the day and night,” according to their website.

However, unlike the African safari, the accommodation is designed to keep you comfortable. All the necessities, and many luxuries, like WIFI, are included in the price. You will also get a discounted ticket to the zoo by booking your stay there.

The area is much more than just a zoo and accommodation for pleasure. While customer support is what drives the project, the zoo wishes to help protect the animals as well. Recently, the conservation was able to help repopulate rhinos in Africa.

“Dvůr Králové Zoo is active in the conservation of the wild animals in different African countries. For instance, it successfully transported four black rhinos to Tanzania. These individuals, born in the zoo, have already had their own calves born in Africa,” according to their website.

The conservation also works to educate the population on wildlife issues. As a part of this effort, they publish news about their ongoing and completed projects, which you can view here.

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