A New Bridge Will Be Built in Prague, Connecting Zlíchov and Dvorce

Dvorecký Bridge prague

By the end of the summer, the Prague mayor’s office will announce a tender for a construction company that will build a new bridge across the Vltava, connecting Zlíchov and Dvorce (Prague 5 and Prague 4). The contract value is CZK 972 million. 

The proposed Dvorecký most (Dvorecký Bridge) would fill the substantial gap between Barrandovský most (Barrandov Bridge) and Palackého most (Palacký Bridge).

Seven design proposals advanced to the second round of selection, and a commission selected the concept by design studios Tubes and Atelier 6.

The new bridge will be used by public transport vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists, but not cars. The project includes the design of a new Dvorecký most tram stop. The Prague 4 side of the bridge is planned next to Žluté lázně by Jeremenkova Street. The Prague 5 side will be near the Lihovar tram stop.

Dvorecký most should cost roughly CZK 1 billion. The city will pay CZK 132.72 million for project documentation.

“The Dvorecký Bridge will be of great importance for tram transport as it will allow the interconnection of Prague 4 and Prague 5. It will be followed by so-called southern tram tangents, will connect important tram lines from Barrandov and Modřany and will allow the public transport system to implement some connections outside the traffic congestion the central area of the city, which is a plus for Prague,” architect Roman Koucký from the Prague Institute of Planning and Development (IPR) said.

The City Council also approved a footbridge at Štvanice ostrov to join Holešovice and Karlín. The footbridge will replace the ferry, which now connects the bank of the Vltava River at Pražská tržnice and Rohanské nábřeží.

Dvorecký Bridge prague

Dvorecký Bridge prague

Dvorecký Bridge prague


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