Dutch Pub: Your City Center Sports Bar

Sometimes you are just too lazy to think of what to cook and what to watch especially with this cold weather outside. The Dutch Pub at Narodni Trida is meant to be the place you would love to hang out with your friends and family or your significant one. Come and enjoy homemade burgers, tv with over 500 channels, and even live music.

“Homeburgers” that is how they called here, are made with a unique recipe and include only fresh meat. Lunch menu would cost you 130 CZK with soup, main dish, and lemonade. The favorite beer here is Krusovice which comes directly from the tank. The kitchen is open so you can see the cooking process and maybe learn how to cook (joking). Also, it is possible to order fresh fish such as sea bass, shrimps and so on.

The capacity here is also reasonable – 180 people, the pub also has 2 sections: the first one is a bar area and the second one is more a restaurant section. Thus, you can choose according to your mood which area you go to today.

“It is not like a job for me, this place is like my child,” says Gabriela Košťálová the Dutch pub manager. The staff here is trying to connect special bonds with customers. “Customers for us are like friends, we like to have this friendly environment,” notes Košťálová. That is why some of the customers even spend the whole day here, ordering breakfast, lunch, and dinner and watching tv.

But that is not only the case, the staff also helped people if they lost the documents or needed any kind of help. “We are everything: google maps, nurses, lawyers, police,” she laughs.

You may have funny stories here and go a little bit wild at weekends and still come back without being embarrassed. “What happens in the Dutch pub, stays in the Dutch pub,” says Košťálová mysteriously


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