Dutch Man Apologizes for Assaulting Prague Waiter

Armin N., one of a group of Dutchmen who assaulted a waiter in Prague in April, expressed his apologies to both the waiter and the Netherlands in a letter. He wants to financially support the waiter until he is back on his feet, N. said to newspaper AD from his cell in Prague. 

N. was one of seven Dutch arrested for assaulting the waiter on April 23rd. Two, including a police officer from Amsterdam, were released a short time later. Three others were given conditional prison sentences and banned from entering the Czech Republic for five years. N. and his brother Arash are still in custody in the Czech Republic. 

The waiter, named only as Mirek, suffered a broken jaw, severe concussion and a damaged eye socket in the beating. The owner of Polpo, the restaurant where he worked, said he would be unable to return to work for several months. 

“I can’t deny it. I’m sorry and deeply ashamed, and I have apologized in a letter to the victim,” he told AD. “When I heard he had a child, it broke my heart. People are dependent on him, that’s the worst thing for me.”

“I wish I could turn back time, but unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. So I am going to make the best of my situation. My only priority is to support the victim so that he can fully recover. I also intend to financially support the victim’s family”, N. concludes. 

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