Driver Suffers Seizure, Hits Three Pedestrians at I.P. Pavlova

A car crashed onto a sidewalk in Prague’s Jugoslávská street near the I.P. Pavlova tram stop on Friday night hitting pedestrians and crashing into a building. 

Paramedics treated five injured people – two from the car and three pedestrians. All the injured were conscious and not in life-threatening danger.

Police say the driver likely crashed due to a medical complication. Police spokeswoman Violeta Siřišťová told the Czech News Agency today.

The accident occurred around 12:00 AM. “The driver likely crashed into a building due to a medical complication and before that hit a pedestrian,” Siřišťová said.

Paramedics reported that the driver had injuries to his arms and legs and was convulsing after a seizure. One of the pedestrians suffered more serious injuries, including head trauma and injuries to both legs. The other three patients had minor injuries.

Firefighters also responded to the scene. “After documentation by police, we extricated the car and covered up the leaking operating fluids,” they tweeted.

Due to the accident, tram traffic was interrupted for about half an hour in both directions between I.P. Pavlova and Karlovo náměstí stops, and night lines were diverted.

The traffic police are currently investigating the circumstances of the accident, Siřišťová added.

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