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Drahanské údolí, aka Drahan or Draháň Valley is part of a natural park called Draháň – Troja – yes, it has officially more than one name, and all of them are really difficult to read. It´s almost unbelievable, but it’s still part of Prague.

If you are brave enough to travel by metro and bus to a distant neighborhood, you will be rewarded by breathtaking sceneries.

We’ve discovered this hidden gem recently, and we’ve been riding our bikes there. So, of course, I was stopping every ten metres to enjoy the view, to check the small cottages behind the trees or just look at something that caught my eye — and there were plenty of interesting things.

Be warned: this valley is not only visually beautiful, but also a bit demanding, so don’t wear your dancing shoes. You’ll have to jump over creeks, watch your steps (or wheels) all the time because of roots, branches or the above-mentioned creek.

And by the way, if you’re on your bike, you have to wade through it (or you can ride IN the creek for some time, yay!) too.

If you want to go downhill (not much, but it’s more pleasant to go down than to go up the hill, isn’t it?), start in Dolní Chabry at the bus terminal and enjoy the beautiful woods of this nature park… and after about 2 km you’ll end down at the bank of the Vltava river.

Author: Janina Michlová. You can find the original article here

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  1. It’s really great place to walk, run, bike or just relax. If you climb it on top to Zámky site, you can enjoy spectacular view of Vltava river valley. Unfortunately highway construction is planned across Vltava and Draháň valley splitting nearby Suchdol, bringing heavy traffic right in to Prague.

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