Dozens of Czech Trans People Show Faces. "We Are Trans," They Say Resolutely

“The world would be much easier if parents listened to their (not only) trans children,” one of the Czech trans people writes to their picture, proudly showing their faces during the The International Transgender Day of Visibility, where trans people around the world share their photos and stories on social networks this day.

They are trying to show that they exist and that they are the people we commonly meet on the street, we just might not know. They also show their faces in the Czech Republic under the hashtags #jsemtrans and #jsmetrans. They attached personal comments and messages to other members of the community and the public to pictures or short videos. “Last year I changed my name! I’m no longer in front of the authorities! “, Writes one of the campaign participants. “Never give up, we are exceptional people,” adds more encouragingly.

The International Transgender Day of Visibility was born in 2009 as a holiday celebrating transgender identity, as well as a counterweight to the November Transgender Day of Remembrance. “Thanks to day visibility, we can show the world that we want to be seen and that we are not shy about our trans identity. It is often very difficult for trans people in many parts of the world to be able to express their identity freely,” says Viktor Heumann of Trans * parent, who deals with the theme of trans identity. “We also want to show that we are not going to hide,” he adds resolutely.

Trans * parent, just like last year, came up with the #jsemtrans campaign, where Czech trans people share their portraits under social networking under this hashtag. The pictures are also gradually growing in the Facebook photo of the organization. They currently have a few tens. “We wanted to build on last year’s project, which simply shows the diversity of trans stories and experiences with us. It is important to make it clear that each and every one of us is a bit different, and to question the often distorted image of the trans which predominates among us,” explains Heumann. “This year, personal comments on sent photos tell us what has changed personally in the past year, or it is currently important to us as a trans,” he says.

You can find all the pictures here 

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