One Billion People Have Major Vision Problems. This Czech Start-Up Can Help Them

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Every day, more than 1 billion people all over the world wake up to a hazy day because they have impaired eyesight and have no means to address this problem.

80% of these people are concentrated in only 20 countries – and it’s the poorest populations that suffer the most. 

Having poor vision tends to dramatically decrease one’s ability to learn, earn, be productive and enjoy the highest standard of life quality.

To address this enormous global challenge, an innovative solution created in the Czech Republic has the potential to change the lives of millions. The Czech start-up DOT Glasses has come up with the world’s first, one-size-fits-all glasses and radically simplified lens concept.

The customized DOT Glasses consist of six-piece snap-together frames and agnostic click-in lenses, which are provided on the spot with the help of a simple DOT Glasses testing tool.

The founder, Philip Staehelin, wants to bring his glasses to the most remote locations in countries, such as Bangladesh, Ethiopia, India, Peru, and Uganda – nations where roads, quality, and free health care are largely pipe dream.

What makes it financially accessible?

DOT Glasses solution was designed in such a way that vision screening and glasses assembly can be done within only a couple of minutes.

The compactness of the glasses and the simplicity of the testing procedure allow transportation and distribution costs to be significantly lower than the average cost of alternative solutions. One of the reasons DOT Glasses cost so little is because they use local and non-traditional distribution channels.

They partner with existing distribution networks, such as Non-governmental organizations, commercial and health care organizations or governmental bodies along with participating in community and development programs in the target markets.

The set of glasses and testing tools is distributed in practical vision kits in two default sizes. The most popular one is the size of laptop bag containing all you need to provide glasses to 20 people. Staehelin believes that DOT Glasses will enable visually impaired people with a low income to return to schools, have better employment opportunities, and, in general, enjoy a better social life.

DOT Glasses expects to sell a quarter-million glasses this year, one million the next year, with sales continuously rising in the following years.

Philip Staehelin

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