There’s a New Lookout Tower Near Prague

Dolní Břežany tower

Near Dolní Břežany, 20km from Prague, you will find the largest Celtic town in Bohemia. At the top, there is a new cylindrical structure made of larch wood that stretches to 32 meters high.

The lookout tower was designed by architect Martin Rajniš and opened to visitors just before Christmas. 

The Celtic town itself is a national cultural monument and has found its place among tourists. “It is actually a very interesting village, which was inhabited from the late Stone Age to the Early Middle Ages,” says Lucie Vospělová, head of the Department of Culture. 

The construction of the lookout tower began in September 2021. It consists of three wooden pillars surrounding a circular staircase. The whole structure is fastened to the ground by steel rods. It is 32 meters high, but visitors can ascend to the viewing platform, which is located at a height of 24 meters.

“People can have a great view of Prague, and also at the Central Bohemian Region,” describes Vospělová. In the summertime, you can see not only the tallest buildings in Prague but also the TV transmitter Cukrák and much more. 

“At the moment, we are preparing a virtual exhibition, and visitors will be able to see how the acropolis looked like at various stages of its development,” added Vospělová.

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