Documents You Should Translate When Visiting Korea

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While in Korea, you must have some essential documents on you. Although most of these documents are in English, you should translate them to Korean, just like you will need to translate car documents from a foreign land. Discussed below are some documents you should definitely translate.

  • Documents concerning immigration or visa application. These documents include birth certificates, marriage certificates, and much more.
  • Documents that show you are going to an event, visiting family, or going to the hospital.
  • Documents that show your financial status. These documents include bank statements and financial support letters.
  • Documents that show booked accommodation, such as hotel booking or rental documents.
  • Documents that cover medical conditions and medical requirements like medical reports and vaccination certificates.
  • Guardian consent documents.

We suggest that you inquire about all the required documents before our trip, as the list may change or expand. You can use any of the top Korean translation services to translate your traveling document for a trip to Korea.

Be Prepared For Translation Emergencies

It can be easy to overlook some documents that need to be translated. It could be that you’d forgotten, or maybe the requirement wasn’t posted in advance. Whatever the reason, you still need to come up with the translated document, and fast.

This is why having Korean translation services on your speed dial, and choosing the right one for your travel needs, might be a good idea when preparing for your trip.

First, of course, they need to have translators in the Korean language who are qualified to translate official documents. Not just any translator or translation service will do.

But the most important factor is availability—choosing translation services that respond quickly and are open 24/7 will ensure that any emergency that comes up with your documents are dealt with as soon as possible, helping your trip stay smooth and worry-free.


When traveling to Korea, you need to find the best times to travel. You should also avoid certain times to get the best out of your trip. You also should translate your travel documents to make your journey easy and without issues. However, regardless of the time of year when you choose to travel to Korea, this beautiful country will always be able to surprise you!

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