Digitizing Schools During the Coronavirus Pandemic

During the current coronavirus pandemic, many middle and high schools are struggling with a new situation – virtual school. School campuses have suddenly become empty places, with just a glimmer of what they used to be only a week ago.

Now, Heads of Schools all over the Czech Republic are tasked with the challenge of coping with distance learning. Some of the schools in the Czech Republic are doing well, but the majority of schools here don’t know where to start with building a virtual environment for their students.

Virtual teaching is not a challenge for the American Academy system of schools.  American Academy has been using Google Classroom and other fitting virtual school applications on a daily basis in order to give its students the best possible education with limitless options for learning.

American Academy decided to share its expertise with schools that are facing the new challenge of distance learning so that all students of the Czech Republic can continue to educate themselves online.

American Academy and Česko Digital started project Virtuální škola that is amassing as many different experiences and tutorials as possible.

This site is free for all schools and its hope is to help alleviate some of the stress of the administrators of schools around the country.

This initiative also has partners that will help schools get their virtual schools up and running for free.

While this project is in its initial stages, many schools have already been reached out for assistance.  This educational initiative is just the start of something bigger with potentially helping all schools to become more digitized.

If you are representative of school who needs help or have experiences that you’d like to share, join the cause.

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