Day trip to Adršpach and Royal Forest Dam – Walk at the Bottom of Ancient Sea!

Adršpach prague

This Saturday, February 19, you can take part in a day trip launched by Jumages Travel.

It’s hard to believe, but millions of years ago a warm sea lapped in the north of the Czech Republic.

When the sea dried up, it left behind layers of soft sedimentary rocks that were washed away by water, destroyed by winds, and melted like a block of sugar.

And so these strange outlines were formed, reminiscent of the figures of people and animals. The Adršpach rock city.

The various formations, sculpted in the sandstone by forces of nature, were given romantic names such as Lovers (Milenci), Jug (Džbán), Mayor and his wife (Starosta a Starostová), Sugarloaf (Homole cukru) and many more.

A small reservoir named Adršpach Lake was built on the Metuje River flowing through the upper part of the Wolf Gorge. Visitors can take a rowboat ride across the reservoir and admire the Great Waterfall.

Bizarre shady gorges attract filmmakers from all over the world: some episodes of The Lord of the Rings were filmed here. As well as The Chronicles of Narnia, and The Third Prince.

This Saturday, 12.02, you can walk among the rocks, pretending that we are walking at the bottom of the ancient sea.

And on your way back to Prague you will stop by another sightseeing: The Royal Forest Dam – from a distance it looks like a castle, it has gates with turrets on both sides. 

The reservoir construction started in 1910, in response to the flood that occurred in the XIX century. Since July 2010 it has been recognized as a national cultural monument.

The price of CZK 1390 includes:

  • comfortable bus
  • English speaking guide during the entire day
  • sweet treatment (for morning coffee)
  • friendly atmosphere.

Booking and requests via Direct messages or comments

Link to the event here


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