David Černý's Babies to be Displayed in California

“The 10 Babies,” created by artist David Černý are in Palm Springs for a temporary exhibit. 

They will be on loan to the Palm Springs developer for 20 months and will be unveiled to the public on June 5, the same day as the Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce luncheon, during which Michael Braun, president of Grit Deveessman of the year.

Braun paid for the “Babies” to be shipped from Europe and then trucked in from the Los Angeles port. He added some people hate the “Babies” and some like them, but he hopes that will create a conversation.

“He took the face away and put this stamp of a barcode… instead of what defines their individuality and their humanity. Especially with the way the world has become more digitized… we as a person really no longer count, only as a number, a unit, whether it’s a working unit, or a consumption unit. By putting that on a baby it really touches people,” said Christian Hohmann, owner of Hohmann Fine Art Gallery in Palm Desert who helped secure the artwork.

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