Dating in Prague: There’s a New App

Do you have a zest for life and passion for what you do? Do you want to date similarly oriented people? This new dating app developed in Amsterdam might be just what you’ve been waiting for.

The app itself is actually nicer than the likes of Tinder – there’s no cruel swiping or rejection involved – it simply allows you to message those you fancy speaking to. The other thing that we liked about it was, that The Inner Circle pretty much has all the benefits of other popular dating apps like swiping around (Tinder), location search (Happn), selectivity (Once), but offers more straightforward connecting where you can just write a person a message if you really like the person, instead of waiting for a right match after 1000’s of swipes or likes.

Behind the scenes, the team at Inner Circle curate and personally approve each member, keeping the oddballs and creeps found on other apps firmly out of the picture.

To be honest, this app isn’t for everyone, and that’s probably the point. But, who knows? This could maybe solve your dating epidemic, so if you’re looking to meet ambitious singles (or if you’re just mad curious like we were), you can sign up using the link below. It’s free, folks!

Register with The Inner Circle for free today!

This post is brought to you by The Inner Circle.

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