Daily COVID-19 Cases Below 100 Since Beginning of May

The Czech Republic reported 49 new confirmed cases of coronavirus infection on Saturday, keeping the number of newly registered COVID-19 cases under 100 over the past 15 days.

According to figures from the Minister of Health, the total number of COVID-19 now in the country has reached 8,455, and the death toll stands at 296.

At the moment, 183 people are hospitalized with COVID 19, 39 of them are in serious condition.

Nevertheless, laboratories performed fewer tests compared to working days, and COVID-19 was found in 1.16% of respondents.

More than three-fifths of patients have recovered and at the same time, the number of people in hospitals continues to decline. There are currently 175 people in hospitals, 39 in critical condition.

According to the latest data, the Czech Republic registered 1959 people infected with coronavirus, with almost 150 infected per 100 thousand people. Prague is followed by Karlovy Vary Region with 147 infected per 100 thousand inhabitants.

On the contrary, the lowest incidence rate was recorded in South Bohemia, with 28 people infected per 100 thousand inhabitants.

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