Czechs Start to Empty Supermarket Shelves Amid Coronavirus Fears

Czechs started to empty the shelves of supermarkets to stock up on essential supplies and food items, as they fear that the coronavirus will reach the country soon.

The coronavirus outbreak in Italy increased the level of fear, as there are many Czechs traveling in the regions impacted by the novel coronavirus – COVID-19.

Most Czechs queued at supermarkets to buy bottled water, cooking oil, flour, meat and canned food.

Deputy Mayor of Prague Petr Hlubuček said that he had consulted with Tomáš Prouza, President of the Confederation of Commerce and Tourism, on possible measures against mass buying of goods in shops.

Kaufland also has a higher demand for durable food. “These products may experience short-term shortages. In cooperation with our suppliers, we work intensively to ensure the availability of goods in our chain,” said spokesperson Renata Maierl.

Online panic

“We sold a weekly quantity in two days,” said spokeswoman Zdeňka Svobodová. Rice, pasta, canned food, frozen food, but also all disinfectants, baby food, and drinks are sold out. “We are working hard to bring new supplies on Thursday, and from Friday we will have supplies for several weeks,” she added.

It is recalled that there are still no confirmed cases of coronary virus infection in the Czech Republic, and all the tested cases are negative.

Crisis staffs have previously confirmed that there is no room for panic and excessive concern, and have advised citizens to act on the recommendations of health ministries and public health institutes.

The government recommends its citizens to refrain from visiting northern Italy and consider not leaving the country.

“We recommend our citizens not to visit the northern Italian regions of Lombardy and Veneto. Of course, it is necessary for our citizens to consider whether they should leave the country in the present situation,” Babis said during a press conference following the meeting.

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