Czechs Rally Against PM on Velvet Revolution Anniversary

Tens of thousands of Czechs rallied in Prague on Saturday calling for Prime Minister Andrej Babiš to resign as the country marked the 29th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution that toppled the communist regime.

Babiš has been charged with misusing European Union subsidies for a farm he transferred to family members, including his son, Andrej Babis Jr. The Czech leader denies wrongdoing.

His son told Czech news portal Seznam Zpravy this week he was kept in Crimea against his will so he couldn’t be questioned in the case.

Babiš has said his son, who lives in Switzerland, is mentally ill and in Crimea voluntarily.

“It is inadmissible that someone under investigation and a StB collaborator is prime minister,” said Mikulas Minar, head of a group that organised a protest by around 20,000 people in the city centre.

The Czech premier vowed Friday he would “never resign, never” before leaving to meet his son in Switzerland.

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