New Survey: Most of Czechs Dissatisfied With Food Choices at Supermarkets

Czech inflation june 2022

Three out of every four Czechs are dissatisfied with the food choices at supermarkets.

Their discontent is primarily focused on the product’s quality, expensive prices, or a lack of supply on the shelves.

Two-thirds of Czechs are ready to spend up to 50% more for higher-quality goods.

According to an Ipsos for Meriton study, half of the Czechs polled were surprised that the food quality in supermarkets did not match the high price. A quarter of them complained about a dearth of higher-quality food, and one in every six wished for a more diverse variety of healthy foods.

87 percent of Czechs are more concerned about food quality than they were five years ago. As a result, artisanal goods and locally produced vegetables are becoming increasingly popular.

Almost 70% of individuals think about the provenance of their food imports. When it comes to higher-quality and healthier meals, they prioritize composition (60%), price (45%), and nation of origin (41%).

Czechs also read the ingredients of the food they buy in most cases. Only one-third of respondents were not interested in them.

Seven out of ten respondents are willing to reach deeper into their wallets for higher-quality food; two-thirds would even pay up to fifty percent more. Five percent would even pay double.

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