Czech’s Coronavirus Cases Could Reach 10,000 a Day This Week

coronavirus growing czechia

The head of the Institute for Information and Statistics Ladislav Dušek has suggested the country’s Covid-19 cases could reach 10,000 a day this week if the current pace of infections continues.

“The number of coronavirus hospitalizations could also increase markedly this week and may soon climb to 3,000. The number of people in intensive care could double,” says Dušek, in an interview for Radiožurnál.

7,591 new cases of Covid-19 were registered in the Czech Republic on Monday, around 3,300 more than the figure on the same day last week and was the highest figure recorded since the end of March.

The number of people in hospital with the coronavirus now stands at 1,813, over 250 patients are in critical condition.  The reproduction number is now between 1.3 and 1.5.

“To put it simply, the prevalence of active infection in the population is growing, largely among the unvaccinated, of course. But we also see an increase among vulnerable groups, including those who have been vaccinated.”

“The number of patients in intensive care can double. The positive news, however, is that those very difficult cases are growing at a significantly slower pace than one year ago. This is clearly the effect of the vaccination,” added Dušek.

Interest in Vaccination Continues To Grow

According to the Ministry of Health, 26,409 people were vaccinated yesterday, an increase of some 25,000 doses in a month-to-month comparison.

For comparison, exactly a month ago (October 2nd), only about 1,000 people received a vaccination.

“But the important thing is that in the last 7 days alone, almost 125,000 people (124,967) have been vaccinated!” wrote the Ministry on social media.


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