Czechs Can Now Travel Abroad Only in Justified Cases

With effect from April 14th, 2020 (0:00) new conditions of entry to the territory of the Czech Republic shall apply for the duration of the state of emergency.

Foreigners residing in the Czech Republic, like Czech citizens, will be able to travel abroad, now with the possibility of returning during the state of emergency.

The purpose of travel must be in accordance with the exceptions to the prohibition of free movement imposed by the Ministry of Health.

It is therefore limited to necessary and justified cases only (e.g. fulfillment of official duties, work abroad, etc.), which will have to be proven individually to the police at border crossings. Diplomatic notice from an embassy is therefore no longer required.

Interior Minister Jan Hamáček, who heads the country’s Central Crisis Staff, said this does not mean Czechs “can go shopping in Dresden. The borders are still closed, visas won’t be issued and foreigners are still banned” from entering.

Everyone returning to the Czech Republic (both citizens and foreigners) must undergo a 14-day ordered mandatory quarantine.

Only clearly defined cases of journeys shorter than 24 hours are subject to the exception of the ordered quarantine.

Prohibition of entry to foreigners (including EU citizens), with the exception of those with a valid residence permit, remains effective.

A ban on travel to “risk” states entered into effect on March 14; two days later it was extended to all countries.


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