Czechs Are Satisfied With Life, New Study Shows

Czechs aren’t known for being the most optimistic bunch, but most are satisfied with their lives, a poll conducted in November by CVVM showed.

Some 71% are mostly satisfied with their personal relationships, the feeling of security and the standard of living.

Uncertainty for the future remains a significant concern for Czech citizens, the study has found, with over 70% of respondents claiming that 2020 did not amount to a strengthening of justice in Czech society.

Satisfaction with life received a rating of 7.13 among Czechs, on a scale from zero to ten. In June, the same evaluation reached a total of 7.38, in May 7.33. The highest level of satisfaction is expressed by people over the age of 65, while young people aged 18 to 24 value their lives the worst.

Similar polls have been conducted monthly since 2003 and have mainly shown overall satisfaction.

The current economic situation in the Czech Republic is assessed as good by 23 percent of people, 33 percent perceive it as bad and 42 percent do not consider it either good or bad.

Praguers, respondents from the South Moravian Region, ANO movement voters, and those who trust the government are relatively more optimistic about the economic situation.

Satisfaction with spiritual and religious life has declined the most since the last survey. It received a rating of 7.32 in June and 6.79 in December. The feeling of security has also decreased, but it still remains above seven points.

The high level of overall satisfaction with life among Czechs is evidenced by the fact that half of the respondents stated a high level of satisfaction (8 to 10 points) in four or more of the eight aspects.

On the contrary, the low level of satisfaction, ie zero to three points, was not used at all in the evaluation by about 70 percent of Czechs.

The survey took place from November 20 to December 8 and was attended by 1,024 people.

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