Czechia’s First Drone Show to Take Place in Brno

drone show brno 2021

On Saturday 7 August, Brno’s residents will have the chance to witness a beautiful sight in the city’s skies.

As part of the 24th year of the Ignis Brunensis festival, the Czech City of Brno will organise the country’s first drone show. The show will take place above Kraví hora at 21:30 and 23:00, and entry will be free for all.

As reports, the City of Brno explains that the novelty show will consist of 100 drones flying in the night sky. Music will accompany the movement of the drones as they make various fascinating shapes above the spectators. According to the event’s organisers, the show is in line with the theme of “60 years of humanity in space”.

Following the first program at 21:30, the festival will continue with a firework display called “Greetings from Europe”.

The 2nd Deputy Mayor Tomáš Koláčný commented on the upcoming spectacle noting that it will act as proof of Brno’s potential for innovation and technological advancement.

Taking this further, Koláčný shared: “Brno is the first city in the Czech Republic to host a drone show, except for a spring festival event in Prague. I believe that the inhabitants and visitors of Brno will welcome the fact that the traditional offer of the Ignis Brunensis festival is expanding in this direction.”

Koláčný advises the event’s attendees to watch the drone show from the lower part of the Kraví hora park as the view will be best from that location.

The event’s organisers further warn that parking will be limited and guests should arrive via public transport or on foot.

The security will be strict and the airspace will be inaccessible to other objects during the Saturday night drone shows.

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