CzechDeck: Play Cards and Learn About Czech Culture!

Covid-19 travel restrictions forced many of us to appreciate the beauty in our neighborhood, as borders to other countries were shut off and the government told Czech people to stay at home.

Alysa Yamada was one of many looking for inspiration while trapped in quarantine. The American expat from Hawaii has lived in the Czech Republic for seven years. But it was during Covid that she really began to focus on what she loves most about the country.

‘It was at this time that I was inspired to put together a collection of my Czech favorites into a deck of playing cards, called CzechDeck” she told Prague Morning. “And of course, Prague is entirely dedicated to the suit of hearts.”

Each card has its own illustrated design and each suit serves its own purpose. “They were created for expats and anyone to use as Czech language learning flashcards, insights to Czech customs and traditions, tips to discover unique places in Prague, and day trip inspiration ideas throughout the entire Czech Republic.”

The decks are 600 CZK each and can be purchased via the website or picked up personally at the pickup location near Palmovka metro station in Prague.

“It’s a compact and unique Christmas gift for yourself or for anyone interested in the Czech Republic,” Alysa shares.

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