Czech Woman Married 3 Hours After Giving Birth

Lucie Lukášková (21) managed to get married just three hours after a complicated delivery. She delivered the baby with the help of epidural, a thin tube that brings a pain-relieving cloth to the spine.

With a high risk of premature birth, she had to be transported from Neratovice to the Prague hospital at St. Apollinaire. Filip Lukášek (28) and Lucie wanted to get married before the baby was born, mainly due to matrix and paperworks. Their wedding was scheduled for Saturday, May 26, at 13:00 at the chapel of the Holy Cross.

“But just in the morning, exactly on the wedding day, premature birth took place only at the 29th week of pregnancy, about three months before the date of delivery, ” Professor Antonin Pařízek, who was on duty that day, explained. Her childbirth was complicated but thankfully, the epidural helped her ease the labor. Marco, with a weight of 1400 grams, had to stay in the incubator for neonatal care.

Due to the stress of this unexpected situation, Lucie forgot to let the wedding guests and family know about what had just happened. The guests began to meet in the chapel of the maternity hospital while the bride gave birth a few meters away. During the birth, the health workers came up with the idea that if everything went smoothly, Lucy could make her wedding ceremony. 

“Our mothers made me dress up for the wedding. Fortunately, I still had an epidural tube in my back. It helped me out of pain, and I did it,” Lucie explained. After the birth and ceremony, the newly married couple took care of the midwives who helped her during that night. Thanks to midwives, she managed to make a smart mask of the epidural tube under her dress and under her hair. “I think she was perhaps the first woman in the world who had a complicated delivery with a functional epidural catheter in her back,” prof. Pařízek said. 

The staff at St. Apollinaire also attended the wedding, as without their efforts, the ceremony would not be able to happen at all. 

Author: A.M.

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