Czech Medical Volunteer Died in Ukraine

A Czech medical volunteer who, as part of the Phoenix project, was helping with the treatment of Ukrainian soldiers on the front line, was killed over the weekend.

The spokesman for the Czech Foreign Ministry confirmed it on Monday.

This is the second such case in the last year.

The Phoenix project said in a Facebook post that the volunteer is being transported home to the Czech Republic.

“One of our brave medical volunteers in Donbas received shrapnel wounds. His condition has stabilized now, but the situation is serious and it is impossible to predict developments. We are doing everything in our power so that he can return to his homeland as soon as possible,” it was stated yesterday.

The victim was an important member of the Phoenix group, who saved 25 people during the last trip alone.

As reported, as part of the Phoenix project, Czech medics in eastern Ukraine train soldiers to provide first aid and transport the wounded from the front lines.

Since the onset of the conflict, the Phoenix Association has been involved on the front lines in Ukraine, beginning in April 2022.

Comprised of volunteers, the group offers material and medical assistance during battles and in areas affected by the hostilities.

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