Czech Unemployment Rate Falls to 3.3%

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Unemployment in the Czech Republic fell by one-tenth of a percentage point month-on-month to 3.3 percent in April.

The exact unemployment rate in the Czech Republic varies due to different metrics and classifications, but nonetheless is still one of the lowest on the continent.

The latest estimate from the Czech Statistical Office, which counts labor-force sample surveys, put unemployment at 3.3 percent in April.

The number of unemployed people across the EU is falling — down from 7.5% in January 2021 to nearly 6.2% in January 2022 — as economies recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

A spokesperson for the Czech Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs said the unemployment rate is indeed “very low” and no significant changes are expected in the near future.

“At the same time, however, we have hundreds of thousands of available jobs,” the spokesperson said. “People who want to work can still find a suitable job in the Czech Republic.”

Over 344,000 jobs were offered by employers in the Czech Republic in April, which was a fall of roughly 16,000 in March.

Nearly 244,000 people were out of work last month, according to official data released on Monday.


The eurozone unemployment rate was 6.8% in March, down from 6.9% previous month and 8.2% in March 2021,  Eurostat said,

According to official figures on Tuesday, the unemployment rate in the EU was 6.2%, down from 6.3% in February 2022 and 7.5% in March 2021.

Around 13.4 million men and women in the 27-member union were unemployed, of whom 11.3 million were in the eurozone in March.

The youth unemployment rate was 13.9% both in the EU and the eurozone in the same month, down from 14% in February.

Eurostat added that the unemployment rate for women was 6.6% in the EU and 7.2% in the euro area.

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