Czech Uber, Bolt and Liftago Taxi Drivers Under Inspection of Tax Administration

The Czech Tax Administration has introduced controls and checks on taxi drivers using the shared-economy platforms Uber, Bolt and Liftago, to detect fraud related to non-payment of income tax, value-added tax and road tax, as reported by daily E15 on October 23. This will last for months and will cover the past three years.

“We will compare the tax returns of entities with their income, which we are able to obtain through the mobile application of individual services,” said Lukas Hertus from the press department of the General Financial Directorate, as daily cited, adding that penalties for non-payment could run to 20% of the amounts defrauded.

“We know about inspections and we work with the responsible authorities. We prevent drivers from committing fraud by providing them with decent earnings,” said Liftago’s Director Ondrej Kratky.

Liftago is a Czech start-up, which created a technology platform to optimize urban transport in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It works with certified taxi drivers only. In 2018, it increased its turnover by one-third to almost CZK300mn (€11.7mn) last year.

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