Czech Toymaker Equips Plastic Figures With Masks to Help Medics

To help children understand the coronavirus pandemic, the company that manufactures “Igrace,” the Czech version of the well-known German Playmobil brand, has launched a limited edition of figurines wearing masks.

These figurines aim to teach children to wear protective face masks and the importance of social distancing.

It is donating part of its sales from the toys marked “Help With Igráček” to purchase protective equipment for doctors and nurses in the central Vysočina region where the company is based.

“We thought if everyone else has to wear a mask, then so should Igráček,” said Efko CEO Miroslav Kotik, adding that 15 Czech crowns of the retail price of the figurines would be donated to the effort.

The company announced on Facebook on April 9 that sales of the special-edition figurines had generated more than 215,000 CZK in funding for protective equipment.

The number of people with confirmed coronavirus infection reached 6059 on Tuesday morning, according to data released by the Czech Ministry of Health.

The number of people registered COVID 19 positive rose by 68 on Monday, the smallest daily increase since March 17.


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