Czech Tourist Board Switches to Visit Czechia Branding

The Czech tourist board is changing its branding and website from Visit Czech Republic to Visit Czechia, as part of a wider rebranding across the central European country.

The new branding and #VisitCzechia will be seen online, in publications and at travel trade events.

A statement from the tourist board said Czechia and the Czech Republic are synonymous and are both official names.

“The decision on whether to use the shorter or longer version depends on the area and whether there is an obligation attached to the state designation,” it said.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), the longer name, Czech Republic, must be used only in official government documents, in the names of embassies, and other legal documents.

“The Czechia brand will be used in all other cases. It is more practical and less formal,” added the statement.

Czechia will also be seen when people represent the state in culture, science, sports and other spheres. For example, the Czech Olympic Committee has already switched to Czechia.


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