Czech Television to Start Broadcasting News in Ukrainian

Czech state TV channel ČT24 will begin to duplicate the evening news in Ukrainian.

This should help refugees from Ukraine to orient themselves in the new country.

The news will be released at 19:00 daily, starting March 12. The broadcasts can be viewed on the channel’s website at this link, or via HbbTV.

The first issues can be found here.

Moreover, Czech Radio has launched an internet stream of the UA:PBC radio broadcast in Ukrainian. The stream will be available on the audio portal and in the mobile application

The aim of the project is to make information about the war in Ukraine available daily to refugees and Ukrainians in the Czech Republic.

An estimated 200,000 Ukrainian refugees are already in the Czech Republic, with scores of thousands more expected.

Around 30 percent of those who have so far registered with the local authorities have been in Prague.

Prague’s mayor, Zdeněk Hřib said that available accommodation had been exhausted and that the city had been preparing emergency solutions.


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