Czech Teacher Fired for Spreading Pro-Kremlin Propaganda in Class

A primary school teacher working in the Prague school Na Dlouhém Lánu has been sacked because she spread disinformation about the war in Ukraine in her class.

Some students secretly recorded the lecture and showed it to their parents and to the school principal who promptly fired the teacher in question.

“I was shocked by the content of the recording. It’s hard to imagine that an educated person could give such a lecture full of hate and untruth to children,” school director Renata Rieglova said to Seznam Spravy.

The decision to dismiss the teacher was supported by the City of Prague 6 and personally by Czech Minister of Education Petr Gazdik.

“A teacher should honor facts, not propaganda that contradicts the reality. Everyone has a right to an opinion, but not a lie. That is why I appreciate the approach of the school principal who immediately fired the teacher”, he said.

The Minister added that from the very beginning of the war his department has sent material to all schools with instructions for teachers on how to talk to students about the war.

The teacher told a class of 8th graders that none of the atrocities shown on Czech Television were happening in Ukraine and that the public broadcaster was not to be trusted. Moreover, she said that Czech Television cannot be trusted, because it is owned by companies controlled by American billionaire George Soros.

“I consider my suspension from service a disturbing violation of all democratic principles and freedoms in this country and an unprecedented restriction of speech and opinion,” the teacher wrote in her official statement.

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