Czech Start-Up Creates Wheelchairs for Dogs Which Have Trouble Walking

wheelchair for dogs czech

Making use of the latest in 3D printing technology, a Czech start-up is creating tailor-made wheelchairs for dogs which have trouble walking.

After helping almost a hundred dogs in Czechia and Slovakia, dog mobility start-up AnyoneGo is now entering the rest of the European market to offer its canine wheelchairs throughout the continent.

The start-up’s design team is led by industrial designer Jan Jiránek, who is himself a wheelchair user and has a unique approach to the problems faced by dogs which have problems walking.

“The goal is to create dog wheelchairs that are not only functional and easy to use, but also beautiful and adjustable,” says Jiránek.

Problems with walking in dogs can be caused by injury, genetics, or just old age.

AnyoneGo makes use of the latest technology to produce bespoke wheelchairs which are 90 percent 3D-printed on the machines of another successful Czech technology company, Prusa3D. The wheelchairs make use of durable, non-toxic, and washable plastic.

“Using 3D printing allows us to create wheelchairs for individual customers and make any necessary changes,” says Jiránek. “We can also quickly adapt to any new improvements in 3D printing technology.”

The start-up currently offers rear leg wheelchairs in four sizes – Nano (for dwarf breeds), Micro (Dachshunds), Small (French Bulldogs), and Middle (for Border Collies).

A bigger wheelchair for larger dogs is currently under development.

The wheelchairs have a stable wide frame, padded saddle, removable leg support, and wheels that can be folded for transportation or to allow the dog to lay down. A chest strap locks safely into the rear part of the wheelchair. Owners can even have the name of the dog laser-engraved on the wheelchair.

Founded in 2016 by Jiránek and two partners, AnyoneGo revealed its first prototype a year later and launched its first wheelchairs on the Czech market in 2018.

“After four years of development, cooperation with European neurology and canine physiotherapy, and many dozens of happy customers, we are ready to help dogs all around Europe,” says CEO Martin Schenk.

wheelchair for dogs czech

wheelchair for dogs czech

wheelchair for dogs czech

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