Czech Scouts to Carry Peace Light of Bethlehem Across the Country

Peace Light of Bethlehem czechia

Czech Boy and Girl Scouts collected the Bethlehem Light on the Austrian border on Sunday morning.

They will now distribute the Peace Light across the country, placing it in churches and various institutions, from where people can light their own lamps.

The Bethlehem Light is a Scouting tradition dating back over 30 years. As a symbol of peace and friendship, it is considered a modern symbol of Christmas time.

“The message of hope that the flame brings, the light that transcends the darkness, is even more relevant this year than ever before,” said Zuzana Hrbková, a spokeswoman for the Bethlehem Light project.

Scout couriers will travel with the flame around the Czech Republic by train. The organizers believe the delivery is possible, as the size of the courier groups will be reduced to a minimum and all volunteers will use protective equipment.

The flame is traditionally taken to homes and retirement homes, but these deliveries will be limited this year and all deliveries will be made without contact.

The Scouts have been bringing the Bethlehem light to the Czech Republic for 30 years. For their first time, they brought the light under the statue of St. Wenceslas in Prague during the Velvet revolution in December 1989.

After the fall of the communist regime, the arrival of the Bethlehem light was one of the first major events that allowed Scouts to meet freely.

In 1986, the Bethlehem light made its first journey to Linz, Austria, becoming part of the Christmas charity event organized by Austrian radio and television to help disabled children.

The idea then spread from Austria to dozens of countries around the world.


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