Czech Republic Will Now Be Competing as Czechia at Eurovision

Czechia will now be the name that the Czech Republic will compete under at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Ahmad Halloun the Head of International Press for Czechia at the Eurovision Song Contest has confirmed that the nation will no longer compete as the “Czech Republic” at Eurovision but now as “Czechia”.

The change can already be seen on the official music video clip for Czechia’s 2023 entry on the Eurovision YouTube channel and the country profile on the website.

Czechia was first announced in 2016 as the revised English language name for the country, however, it has taken a number of years for the revised name to be adopted.

In 2022 Czechia was adopted as the revised name for the Czech Republic at the United Nations, UEFA and the International Olympic Committee.

Vesna who recently won ESCZ 2023 will be the first act that will represent the nation under the new name of Czechia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Liverpool with the song “My Sister’s Crown”.

Vesna will perform in the second half of the first semi-final on May 9.

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