Czech Republic Will Have a New Giant E-Commerce:

Allegro is preparing to launch its marketplace in the Czech Republic, according to a post on its website

The post says that “One of the largest European marketplaces is coming to the Czech Republic” and that “The final countdown begins. Soon.”

Allegro has been expanding internationally for some time. It acquired Czech e-commerce platform Mall Group and logistics business WeDo in April. It also launched an English language version of its flagship site in early 2022.

“Our team is now focused on the upcoming launch of in the Czech Republic,” said Roy Perticucci, CEO of the company.

The Polish group already took the first steps towards the integration last year, when the logos of CZC and Mall e-shops were marked “by Allegro”.

The Polish group also launched the “Smart!” service in the Czech Republic, offering free delivery of selected goods to Mall customers, a service that has been offered by Allegro in Poland since 2018.

Allegro is looking to keep costs down and adapts to consumers spending less.

“There was what we call trading down starting to be more visible in the fourth quarter,” finance chief Jon Eastick said in an interview. “Category by category people are taking cheaper options because they know they need money for their energy bills and fuel cost.”

The company expects consumers to feel pressure this year, Eastick said.

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