New Coronavirus Measures Come Into Effect

Special Covid-19 measures have now come into effect in the Czech Republic.

All restaurants, bars, and clubs will be closed until the end of the emergency. Takeaway orders will still be available until 8 p.m.

Schools will be closed until November 1, with the exception of schools for the children of doctors, nurses, and rescue workers. Kindergartens will remain open.

Citizens need to wear face masks at public transport stops. A maximum of six people can gather in public and a ban on drinking alcohol in public spaces has also been put in place.

“If the average reproduction number per week will be reduced to 0.8, the measures taken today will be relaxed,” added Babiš.

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Finance Minister Alena Schillerova said earlier on Sunday that the government sought to avoid the complete lockdown the country experienced in spring.

The Czech Republic recorded 8,325 new coronavirus cases on Tuesday, its second-highest daily tally since the pandemic started, Health Ministry data showed on Wednesday.

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The total number of cases detected since March rose to 129,747, of which 59,901 patients have recovered. Deaths have climbed to 1,106, doubling since Sept. 22.

There are 68,740 active cases. The number of hospitalisations has risen to 2,503, doubling since Oct. 4, and those in intensive care number 467.

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