Czech Republic to Invest Over CZK 1 Billion in Cancer Prevention

Cancer Prevention czech republic

On 21 July, the Czech government announced that the Masaryk Institute of Oncology (MOÚ) will invest over CZK 1 billion in the modernisation and expansion of its services.

As reports, MOÚ is one of the country’s largest oncology centres, with approximately 246,000 outpatient treatments taking place each year.

The expansion of the institute is set to begin in August 2021 with the construction of a new inpatient anti-cancer treatment centre, a palliative medicine centre, and a bronchoscopy centre. These developments are expected to cost over EUR 3.9 million.

By 2026, another CZK 1 billion will also be put towards the establishment of a Cancer Prevention Centre and the creation of new workplaces for innovative and supportive care. The financing for these developments will come from the country’s National Recovery Plan.

Visiting the MOÚ in Brno, Prime Minister Andrej Babiš commented on the importance of the expansion, explaining that oncological diseases are the second most common cause of death in the Czech Republic. Each year, approximately 27,000 lives are lost to these illnesses.

According to Babiš, the aforementioned developments are therefore crucial as MOÚ is perceived as “a leader in oncology, a leader in the fight against cancer.” 

Taking this further, Babiš also stressed that the National Recovery Plan can potentially be used for the establishment of another such establishment in the capital. More specifically, he noted that a specialised oncology centre with modern equipment in Prague can ensure the provision of the best possible care.

The Director of the Ministry of Defense Marek Svoboda further discussed the creation of a Cancer Prevention Centre in a press release on MOÚ’s website, noting: “I see the future of oncology mainly in the prevention of the origin and return of tumours. That is why our greatest effort is to build a Cancer Prevention Centre that will serve all citizens.”

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