Czech Republic to Invest 3.8 Billion CZK in Environmental Research

The Czech Republic will invest 3.8 billion crowns in environmental research and innovations between 2020 and 2026, the Environment Ministry said here Monday.

The Czech government approved a program brought by the ministry named “Environment for Life”, in an effort to better protect environment.

Half of the money will be devoted to fighting drought and climate change impacts.

“We expect the program to bring new solutions, for example, using climate models for long-term drought forecasts or pilot projects for landscape adaptation,” Minister of Environment Richard Brabec said.

Research projects can also focus on topics such as air quality, waste management, countryside and nature resources protection as well as economic tools for environmental protection and education, according to the ministry.

Not only research organizations, universities, the Czech Academy of Sciences and other public institutions but also individuals and companies can apply for the fundig.

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