Czech Republic to Allow Events for Up to 500 People From Today

The Czech Republic allows from today gatherings of up to 500 people as coronavirus infections remained among the lowest in Europe.

“If the epidemiological situation remains favorable, the limit will grow to 1,000 on June 22,” Minister of Health Vojtech said of the size of gatherings that would be permissible.

Cinemas, theatres, and concert halls are no longer bound to respect strict social distancing rules that severely limited the size of the audience. Outdoor areas of pubs, restaurants, and cafes no longer need to close by 11 pm.

Some credit the success in stemming infections to the mandatory face mask rule, which remains compulsory in shops, offices, and on public transport.

Interior Minister Jan Hamacek credited an early warning from an unnamed expert encouraging the government to act quickly in early March.

“When I saw a mathematical model using data from Italy, I realized we were facing a train wreck,” Hamacek added.

“We still do not underestimate the situation,” said Vojtech. “The virus is still here and that is why people should follow the rules. Wear the face mask, and keep a safe distance when possible” he added.

The Czech Republic had 9,628 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection by Monday morning. So far 6,891 people have recovered and 327 people have died.


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