Czech Republic Sent to Ukraine the Largest Humanitarian Convoy in Its History

The Czech state reserve sent Ukraine the largest humanitarian convoy in its history. It consists of 40 trucks loaded with 950 pallets with medical equipment and various materials.

The equipment was purchased from Czech companies and distributors with government money.

In turn, charitable organizations continue to collect and send humanitarian aid to Ukraine on their own.

How to help Ukraine from the Czech Republic read in our article.

The Czech Republic managing Ukrainian refugee wave

More than 100,000 Ukrainian refugees have come to the Czech Republic since the war began, Prime Minister Fiala said on Tuesday.

However, Interior Minister Vít Rakušan said it is necessary to establish a limit of people for whom the country is able to provide basic standards of living. This limit stands at around 250,000 people.

The Czech government is also considering increased funding for regional administrations seeking housing for refugees and a strengthening of the country’s social system.

Volunteers needed

The Municipality of Prague is looking for volunteers to help Ukrainian refugees in the registration center in Vyšehrad.

People are required to have basic Czech language skills, as well as Russian or Ukrainian.

They will help refugees fill in different forms and, if necessary, provide simple interpretation while communicating with Czech officials.

To become a volunteer you need to fill out a form at this link and wait for the call of a coordinator.

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