Czech Republic Reports Second Day of Record COVID-19 Cases

Coronavirus infections in the Czech Republic have been on a steep rise, setting a new record high for the second straight day.

The country’s Health Ministry said the day-to-day increase in new confirmed COVID-19 cases was 3,793 on Friday, 300 more than the previous day.

The Czech government this week called a state of emergency from Monday and imposed measures including limiting gatherings and banning musicals and opera to curb the coronavirus before it overwhelms the health system.

The recent surge has prompted several hospitals to postpone non-urgent operations to be able to treat COVID-19 patients.

Health Minister Roman Prymula predicted the number of people infected in one day could be higher than 8,000 later in October.

The Czech Republic had a total of 78,051 reported cases since the beginning of the pandemic, with 699 deaths. Currently, 42,320 are ill with the virus, with 1,134 hospitalized and 221 in serious condition.

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