Czech Republic Reports 3,493 Coronavirus Cases, Highest Daily Increase

The Czech Republic recorded 3,493 new coronavirus cases on Thursday, the highest daily count since the global pandemic reached the country in March, data by the Health Ministry showed on Friday.

The overall number of confirmed cases grew to 74,255, where 678 people have died in connection with the illness.

September was by far the worst month. The number of all infected went up by more than 46,000 from 24,616 to 70,771, according to government figures released Thursday.

A month ago, only 172 virus patients were being treated in hospitals and 35 were in intensive care wards.

“We have quite a robust health care system,” said Petr Smejkal, chief epidemiologist at the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine in Prague. “But the bottleneck of the system is not the ventilators and the machines. The bottleneck is the staff.”

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According to Czech news server, from Monday, October 5 the attendance limit for events will be reduced to 10 people at indoor venues and 20 people at outdoor venues.

The measures will mainly affect culture and sports events.

From next week, high schools in regions with a higher risk of infection are also likely to close for 14 days.

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“The reason we are considering a state of emergency is an “unexpected epidemiological situation”. Without the necessary measures, the capacity of hospitals could be jeopardized at the end of October. Almost 1,700 paramedics are currently infected, (400 doctors and 700 nurses, ed.), said Prymula.
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