Czech Republic Ranks 4th Among OECD Countries in Pure Alcohol Consume

The Czech Republic ranks 4th among other OECD countries in terms of alcohol consumption.

The report used data from 2017, at which time Czechs consumed an average of 11.6 liters of absolute alcohol per year each.

Pure alcohol is measured as one millilitre for every percentage of the drink’s strength if there is 100ml of it.

A litre of 37.5 per cent vodka, for example, contains 375ml of pure alcohol. While a pint of five per cent strength lager would contain 28.4ml of pure alcohol.

Lithuania was first in the ranking with 12.3 liters of absolute alcohol drunk by each person. The OECD average was 8.9 liters.

The report points out that alcohol consumption has fallen compared to 2007 in almost all countries of the OECD.

Alcohol dependence is most common in Latvia, Hungary, and Russian Federation (more than 9% of adults), according to the OECD data.

While Turkey, Israel, India, Costa Rica, Mexico and Colombia made up the bottom of the table, all drinking fewer than five litres each.

The OECD is an international organisation with 36 member states, and studies the economies and populations of developed countries.

Its report, which is based on alcohol sales for 2017, compared how many litres of pure alcohol are drunk by people in 44 countries around the world.

Find the full report here OECD Health at a Glance 2019 report

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