Czech Republic Ranked as Having World’s 27th-Best Cuisine

TasteAtlas released a collection of the top 100 world’s cuisines, ranking them according to audience votes for ingredients, dishes, and beverages.

The Czech Republic came in a respectable 27th place.

The magazine suggested that visitors to the country same some of the best-rated food the nation has to offer, including svíčková, řízek, chlebíčky, guláš, and knedlíky.

Italy was deemed to have the best food in the world, followed by Greece and Spain. Of the 95 countries ranked, Norway was judged to have the worst food.

Karē, a Japanese curry, was rated as the world’s best dish, followed by Picanha (a Brazilian steak) and amêijoas à bulhão pato (a Portuguese clam speciality usually served as an appetiser).

Some questioned what American food actually was, since the US is a real cultural melting pot, but Taste Atlas said the best foods rated were ‘honeycrisp apples, wild Alaskan salmon and Texas brisket sandwich’.

While they do seem tasty, can they compare with the delicacies of France, or the numerous culinary triumphs from nations that didn’t even make the top 50?

‘How can the USA be 8th and Moroccan Cuisine not be in the top 50,’ wrote one concerned tweeter.

Another said that Scotland didn’t make the list ‘when the Fried Mars Bar alone should’ve secured it fourth place at least!’

However, if there was one country most people were united on it was Italy, which nabbed the top spot with its risotto ai funghi and pesto Genovese.

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